007 Surround Processor





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  • The Reference Line Surround Processor 007 marks Burmester’s successful launch in the area of surround sound technology.
  • Primary aim of the development was to create a processor with uncompromising sound features, which in addition would also be easy to operate. The 007 profits from various technologies, which have already proven their value in other Burmester components.
  • The upsampling-technology, well known from the 001 CD Player, is used concurrently on 7 channels. Before the DA-conversion, all digital signals are upsampled to 96kHz/24bit. The 007 is fully balanced and completely DC-coupled without sound distorting capacitors in the signal path. The LipSync-Delay function optimizes the synchronisation between sound and vision.
  • The video switchover is housed in the generously dimensioned, external power supply. All inputs can be named individually; audio and video inputs may be specifically assigned. All presets can be programmed to personal preferences. The 007 is equipped with Dolby® Digital Surround EXTM, DTS Digital Surround | ES | Neo:6TM und Pro Logic® II as standard.
  • Pumps out what’s arguably the best sound possible.“ (Men’s Fitness 02/2005)
  • Upsampling: This higher-accuracy sampling technique is employed in the 007 for up to eight channels
  • Hifi Show Moscow: Product of the Year 2002
  • Inputs may be specified by choice
  • All presets can be custom selected

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