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  • · Balanced circuitry throughout like all Burmester components
  • · Input stages with Burmester X-amp technology (class A)
  • · Completely DC-coupled without distorting capacitors in the signal path
  • · Generously dimensioned power supply provides high current capability
  • · High damping factor enables effortless control of any speaker over the entire frequency range, even at high frequencies
  • · Stable at any load over the entire frequency range
  • · Remote on/off switching in connection with Burmester pre-amps and D/A converters with variable output
  • · A protection circuit outside of the signal path monitors the 911 MK3 during operation for overheating, DC offset and overdrive.
  • · Balanced inputs (stereo/mono)
  • · Unbalanced inputs by using the supplied adapters (only in stereo mode)
  • · Input for remote on/off switching by Burmester pre-amps and Burmester D/Aconverters with variable output
  • · Bindings posts for loudspeaker hook-up (stereo/mono)
  • · Dimensions (WxHxD): 482mm x 216mm x 482mm
  • · Weight: appr. 31kg
  • · Rated output power at 4W: Stereo: 2 x 350W / Mono: 1 x 770W
  • · Damping factor: 2750
  • · Signal-to-noise ratio: >103dB · Input sensitivity: 770mV for full volume · Frequency response (-3dB): <10Hz - 220kHz · 8 selected power transistors per channel · Power supply with 130.000mF filter capacity and 750VA toroidal transformer
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