B 30



(Demo -20% => 7.832,00€)


  • With its distinct but slender shape, the B30 is more than capable to fill large rooms with musical firework.
  • The timeless design of the new Burmester loudspeakers B20, B25 and B30 comes in elegant dark Macassar, bright and friendly Elsberry (genuine wood) or in a modern silver-metallic finish. All three models are easy to set up and can be integrated in virtually every living environment. They offer the same acoustic talents as the larger speakers from the B-series. Even spacious rooms are filled with pleasant full-bodied sound, despite their size.
  • The B20, B25 and B30 are dynamically appealing in their appearance. The raw musical reality of all instruments and voices are close to the live experience. (Good example: Hans Theessink on Burmester CD3).

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