Level-S (10.5cm)


Level-M (18 cm)


Level-T (25 cm)


  • Superior aesthetics: The Fraim styling complements Naim and most other hi-fi equipment and uses the best possible materials and finishes.
  • Versatility: The Fraim consists of levels that are placed one upon another which can be added to or completely changed in configuration as the equipment is upgraded. Also, there are various options for the height of each level and choices of colours for wood and aluminium elements of the stand.
  • Ease of assembly and maintenance: Levels can be quickly assembled and, because each stand interface is a tripod making it self-levelling, there are no adjustments needed to remove rocking or vibration. The stand will remain in perfect adjustment over time.
  • Best possible sound: The inter-level cup-spike interfaces and the triple-action ball decouplers underneath the equipment shelves minimise the effect of microphonics on the sensitive electronic assemblies inside the equipment. Careful choice of materials for interfaces and shelves has optimised performance.
  • The shelf spacing of the Fraim has been chosen to minimise magnetic field interactions between the equipment and non-ferrous materials have been used wherever possible to further reduce magnetic effects.
  • The Fraim system support provides an ideal environment for Naim and other hi-fi equipment to achieve its full potential performance.
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