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  • AUDIO INPUTS : Analogue Inputs:1 x 5-pin DIN, 2 x RCA pair, 1 x 3.5mm front panel jack. Input Sensitivity:170mV. Overload Margin:34dB. Input Impedance:47k. Digital Inputs:6 x S/PDIF (1 x coaxial BNC, 1 x coaxial RCA, 3 x optical TOSlink, 1 x 3.5mm front panel mini-TOSlink). Sample rates maximum:192kHz (coaxial) 96kHz (optical). Bit depths maximum:24 bits. UPnP input:Ethernet (RJ45) and Wi-Fi. USB/iPod input:Front panel USB Type-A. Playlist supported:M3U and PLS. FM and DAB input:F-type. Tuning Range:FM 87.5 - 108MHz, DAB Band III and L Band. iRadio input:Ethernet (RJ45) and Wi-Fi. Service provider:Vtuner 5*. Minimum Load Impedance:10kΩ.
  • AUDIO OUTPUTS : Output power:80Wpc into 8Ω, 120Wpc into 4Ω(0.1% THD both channel driven). Frequency Response:3.5Hz to 34kHz. Signal To Noise Ratio (S/N ratio):85dB. Crosstalk:80dB. Phase Response:Linear Phase, absolute phase correct. Headphone outputs:Stereo (front panel 3.5mm jack). Output power:105mW into 16Ω. Other analogue outputs:Preamp output (4-pin DIN), Subwoofer output (RCA pair). Digital Outputs (type):S/PDIF (coaxial BNC 75Ω).
  • Speaker Outputs : Stereo (4mm).
  • CONNECTIVITY : Infra Red:Front panel. Remote Input:RC5 input (3.5mm rear panel jack). RS232:Updates only (rear panel USB mini-B). Remote Output:RC5 input (3.5mm rear panel jack).
  • Audio Formats Supported : WAV and AIFF (up to 32bit/192kHz) FLAC (up to 24bit/192kHz) ALAC (up to 24bit/96kHz) WMA (up to 16bit/48kHz) must be WMA 9.2 Ogg Vorbis (up to 16bit/48kHz) MP3 and M4a (up to 320kbit/s)
  • Audio Formats Supported : WMA, MP3, MMS
  • USER CONTROL INTERFACES : Front Panel:Volume control, logo mute and buttons. AMX and Creston:Yes. Remote:Uniti family remote. iPod/iPhone/iPad:n-Stream.
  • POWER : Mains Supply:100V, 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz. Quiescent consumption:35W. Maximum consumption:400VA. Supplied accessories:Wi-fi antenna, Uniti family remote handset, batteries, BNC to RCA adaptor,F-type to PAL adaptor, mains lead, speaker plugs.
  • Certifications : Apple (Made for iPhone), vTuner Premium.
  • Licenses : MP3, AAC, DAB.
  • Dimensions : 87 x 432 x 314mm.
  • Weight : 12.8kg.
  • Shipping Dimensions 240 x 590 x 500mm.
  • Shipping Weight : 15.5kg.
  • Front finish : Brushed and black anodised.
  • Case finish : Black powder coated.
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