Akku Battery Power Supply




  • When the Emitter is switched OFF, the batteries are charged with a low current.
  • In Standby the batteries are charged and the input stage is supplied with a low voltage to warm up the circuits. This ensures excellent sound quality immediately after switching ON the Emitter.
  • After switching ON, the amplifier is supplied from of the batteries. The charging transformer is disconnected with a relay from the power line.
  • The voltage of the batteries is constantly monitored during operation.
  • When the batteries are empty, the charging transformer is switched ON again. The Emitter is supplied from the charging unit- so you can continue listen to music.
  • When the batteries are fully charged the charging transformer is disconnected from the power line and the Emitter is supplied again from the batteries.
  • The capacity of the 6x 6V/12Ah batteries is so enormous that the ASR Emitter can be supplied for more than 100 hours continuously from the batteries.
  • The charging circuit is operated digitally with a radiation free optical logic, the voltage from the batteries of plus/minus 18 Volts is buffered with capacitors of 400.000 uF.
  • The charging level of the batteries is shown by a 10 Leds bargraph display.
  • The ASR battery power supply is connected to the amplifier part with a separate cable.
  • Dimension of the ASR Battery-Supply : 46 x 32 x 16 cm, Weight 26 kg

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