Fraim Lite



Base Lite


Level-S Lite (115mm)


Level-M Lite (190mm)


Level-T Lite (264mm)


Twin LEVEL – S Lite (2pcs 115mm)


Twin pack : BASE Lite & Level – S Lite (115mm)


Twin pack : 2 x Level Lite & Level – S Lite (115mm)


  • FraimLite consists of individual levels that are placed one upon another and which can be added or completely changed in configuration as the equipment is upgraded. Its self-levelling tripod structure means there are no adjustments needed to remove rocking or vibration and assembly is quick and easy.
  • The FraimLite uses the same high-calibre materials, minimal contact cone and cup interfaces and floor spikes as the Fraim. The FraimLite forgoes the glass sub-shelf and ball bearing decouplers of the Fraim and has only a single base layer. This accounts for the difference in performance between the two models and has the advantage of making FraimLite more cost effective and even easier to transport and assemble.
  • As with the Fraim, the spacing between levels is designed to minimise magnetic field interactions between the equipment, and non-ferrous materials have been used wherever possible to further reduce magnetic effects.
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