250 Master: With WiFi Streamer.


250 Companion: Without WiFi Streamer.


  • AMPLIFICATION TECHNOLOGY : ADC PCM 4220, 24 bit/192 kHz - upsampling of all content - DSP 400 MHz 4 channels 40 bit/192 kHz floating point Single Ultra High Precision clock, low jitter Patented ADH Core (Analog Digital Hybrid) Patented Ultra Linear Class A Patented Devialet DAC Converter "Magic Wire" - Component TI PCM1792, 24 bit/192 kHz Patented Switch Mode Power Supply 600W, peak 2100W
  • AMPLIFIER PERFORMANCE : THD+N (harmonic distortion) at full power: 0.001% IMD (intermodulation) SMTPE: 0.001% SNR (Signal-to-Noise ratio): 130 dB unweighted No measurable thermal distortion Output impedance: <0.001 Ω Bandwidth, digital inputs @ 8 to 2 Ω load: DC–87kHz (-3dB), DC–60kHz (-1dB), DC–30kHz (-0.1dB); analog inputs: same except 0.1Hz (-3dB) -
  • POWER : 2x240 Watts under 6Ω Adjustable from 50 to 240W through the online configuration tool High Power D-Amp with 3 transformers and 12 inductances per channel Compatible with any 2 to 8Ω speaker
  • CHASSIS : Milled from a single block of aluminium; hand-polished Dark Chrome Finish
  • INPUT/OUTPUT : 1 Optical Toslink 1 combined Optical Jack & RS232 Mini 3.5mm 1 USB for computer or USB-fitted turntable connection 1 Ethernet RJ 45 for connection to LAN Daisy chaining of up to 8 Devialet 240 using DIG1 or AES/EBU input 1 professional AES/EBU input ( XLR format), to connect a CD player for example. 4 S/PDIF digital inputs on RCA (2 of them can be changed into analog Line Inputs) 1 Phono input - Adjustable Gain and sampling frequency (96 or 192KHz) 1 advanced Phono input fully configurable, MM or MC, load, sensitivity, RIAA standard (1953 or 1976) 1 Trigger 1 ground-post for the turntable 4 universal connectors (banana or spades) for speaker connection 1 auto-calibrating mains input 110-120V / 220-240V - 50/60 Hz Subwoofer output with cut-off frequency adjustment through the online configuration tool Digital Output to digitize LPs, with sampling frequency and level adjustment
  • WIRELESS : Asynchronous Wi-Fi streamer Devialet AIR - Bit perfect streaming to the D-Premier of any data stored or played by a computer, a smartphone or a tablet PC. Stream any format up to 24 bit/96 kHz (downsampling to 24 bit/96 kHz of any higher bit rate)
  • DAISY CHAINING : Configurable through the online configuration tool as Mono block for Dual Mono or multi amplification with active crossover Max power as Mono block: 500W
  • RADIO REMOTE CONTROL : Chassis milled from a single block of aluminum and hand-polished Dark Chrome 2 x AAA LR03 1,5V batteries Battery lifespan under normal usage: 2 years Controllable through smartphone or tablet PC under iOS and Androïd
  • FREE APPLICATIONS : Universal WiFi streamer (Devialet AIR) for MacOS or Windows, plays any content or live stream from a computer. Compatible with all players (iTunes, VLC, WMP, …) and all Internet radios or online services (Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, Wolgang's Vault, Tunein, Opeo and thousands of others …) Devialet Remote App for iOS & Android with volume and source control and music file streaming
  • WEIGHT & DIMENSIONS : 400 x 400 x 40.5 ( W x D x H in mm) 7 Kg
  • POWER SUPPLY : Universal power supply with auto calibration 110-120V / 220-240V - 50/60Hz Country-specific power cord
  • ACCESSORIES : Wall-mounting frame for Devialet 240
  • WARRANTY : 5-year warranty.

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