Power Box RS AMP.



Black or Silver


  • Linear Power supply that delivers more power and further improves audio quality!
  • • Suitable for Pro-Ject Audio Systems power amplifiers
  • • Replaces original “switching” power supplies
  • • Almost double amplifier power output combined with Amp Box RS, Amp Box DS & Stereo Box RS (2x 200/120 watts 4/8 ohms)
  • • Significant sound improvement with better dynamic and bass response, improved soundstage
  • • Compa tible with Amp Box RS, Amp Box RS Mono, Stereo Box RS but also with Amp Box DS or Amp Box DS Mono
  • • Big toroidal transformer with copper shielding
  • • Very low output impedance
  • • Filtration capability 40.000 uF capacitors low ESR types
  • • Available in silver or black
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