The Turntable's Choice





Symetrish (Balanced)


  • Gain of 68dB (2500x)
  • S/N ratio typically 76dB
  • THD < 0.03%
  • Star-grounding (the stereo version too uses discrete dual-mono floating power supplies)
  • passive RIAA equalization
  • Adjustabe impedance loading
  • Discrete architecture (24 monolithic transistors per channel)
  • High-current output stage with low 50-ohm output impedance
  • Output voltage > 5V, balanced 10V
  • External power supply (the fully balanced version has twin power supplies)
  • Resonance-free vibration-optimized chassis
  • Dual-mono architecture, available fully balanced or single-ended
  • Weight 3.5 / 7.0 kg

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