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6.239,00 €
Τιμή Καταλόγου : 6.569,00 €

Το  AVANTI είναι ένα πρωτοποριακό ηχείο εξω και μέσα. Στόχος της ομάδας ανάπτυξης ήταν να παράξει ένα σύγχρονο ηχείο που να είναι εξίσου εκπληκτικό όσον αφορά την εμφάνιση, την τεχνολογία και την ποιότητα του ήχου.Χάρη στα σπειρώματα M8, το AVANTI μπορεί εύκολα να εξοπλιστεί με τα μαγνητικά πόδια Audio Physic VCF II M8. Ο πρωτοποριακός σχεδιασμός τους επιτρέπει την αξιοσημείωτη βελτίωση της αυθεντικότητας του ήχου και της αυθεντικότητας της αναπαραγωγής. Όχι μόνο αυτό, τα μαγνητικά πόδια VCF II M8 προστατεύουν τα ευαίσθητα δάπεδα από τις γρατζουνιές.

Και επίσης σε διάφορα χρώματα με φινίρισμα απο γυαλί ( special glass finishes ) κατόπιν συνεννόησης με το κατάστημα

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AUDIO PHYSIC proudly present: AVANTI. However, it is not merely a relaunch of the classic model. The latest AVANTI is a newly developed loudspeaker through and through. The aim of our development team was to produce a modern loudspeaker that is equally stunning in terms of looks, engineering and sound quality.


AVANTI is impressive, not only due to its elegant appearance – whether in precious veneer or in a luxurious high-gloss finish in glass. More importantly, it combines numerous cutting-edge AUDIO PHYSIC technologies in its slender frame. It marks the first time that next-generation Hyper Holographic Cone Technology (HHC-III) has been used for mid-range drivers and tweeters. Through painstaking optimisation in the details, harmonic distortion levels were once again noticeably reduced. Thanks to their dual-basket design, the chassis are only indirectly connected to the baffle. Vast effort went into the design, yet – as seen in the high-end and reference-line models – it is rewarded by an impressively precise, extremely detailed and neutral sound.

As in the top series, AVANTI also benefits from the specially-engineered stiffeners in the cabinet. Reinforcements made of open-pored ceramic foam reduce the partial vibrations of the enclosure to negligible levels.

In this, special attention was paid to the bass. This is where the strongest forces are at work. The powerful woofer, an 8-inch long-throw chassis, is not positioned as usual on the side or front of the loudspeaker, but works instead in the interior in its own housing. This too is additionally stiffened using ceramic foam. The elaborate design offers a host of advantages. To begin with, the frequency range of the AVANTI extends to unbelievably low levels, whilst remaining incredibly contoured. What’s more, with respect to placement, the loudspeaker is less finicky than traditional designs. Even when placed close to the wall, these loudspeakers offer impressive sensitivity and clarity across the entire frequency spectrum.

The AVANTI is available in precious veneers but also in a version featuring a high-gloss finish in glass. In the glass design, the loudspeakers benefit even more from the intelligent, three-layer sandwich construction. The cabinet is stiffer, thus resulting in fewer distorting partial vibrations. Detrimental effects on the sound, generally associated with glass, do not crop up at all.

Like all AUDIO PHYSIC loudspeakers, the AVANTI series features a terminal panel equipped with nextgen™ terminals of the highest quality. Here as well, any micro-vibrations that could effect the sound are dampened by targeted means.

The AVANTI’s stylish traverses facilitate setup and guarantee a sure footing on any surface. Thanks to the M8 threads, the AVANTI can be easily equipped with the AUDIO PHYSIC VCF II M8 Magnetic feet. Their cutting-edge design enables a noticeably improved audio fidelity and reproduction authenticity. Not only that, the VCF II M8 Magnetic feet protect sensitive floors from scratches. Also available as options are platforms in high-gloss finish in black or white.

The latest AVANTI adeptly forms a bridge between the demands of a modern living environment and pure, uncompromising sound – totally aligned with our credo: No loss of fine detail.

Height 1087 mm / 42.8"
Width 170 mm / 6.7"
Required Space Width x Depth 390 mm / 15.4"
Glass / Veneer ~ 29 kg / ~ 24 kg
Recommended amplifier power 30-180 W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency range 31 Hz - 40 kHz
Sensitivity 88 dB
Κατασκευαστής Audio Physic
Τιμή Καταλόγου 6.569,00 €
Δρόμοι ηχείου: 2.5
Ισχύς ενισχυτή: 30-180
Ευαισθησία: 88
Αντίσταση: 8 Ohm
Απόκριση συχνότητας: 31 Hz - 40 kHz
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