LH 2000 Head Shell

LH 2000 Head Shell

Dust cover for Concept

Dust cover for Concept or Concept Active

LH 6000 Head Shell

LH 6000 Head Shell

LH 2000 Head Shell

75,00 €
Το LH-2000 είναι ένα βασικό υψηλής ποιότητας headshell σχεδιασμένο ειδικά για εφαρμογές HiFi. Παρέχοντας μια καθαρή, μινιμαλιστική αισθητική, το LH-2000 είναι ιδανικό για μια μεγάλη ποικιλία κεφαλών, π.χ.
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Ortofon LH-2000 headshell

The LH-2000 is a basic high quality headshell designed specifically for HiFi applications. Providing a clean, minimalist aesthetic, the LH-2000 is great for a wide variety of cartridges, e.g. the 2M Seriesand the MC High Output series.

Knowing the fundamental headshell dimensions will in a lot of cases make it easier to mount and align cartridge and tonearm correctly. 

Features and Technical data

  • Universal mount
  • Solid aluminum build
  • Weight - 15.5 grams
  • Mounting distance - min 32.5 mm, max 41.9 mm

    Headshell length
    Headshell width

    Mounting distance max.
    Mounting distance min.

    Screw diameter max.
    SH-4 51.5 mm 20.0 mm 44.0 mm 35.0 mM 3.0 mm
    LH-2000 50.3 mm 20.0 mm 41.9 mm 32.5 mm N/S
    LH-4000     41.9 mm 32.5 mm N/S
    LH-6000 47.7 mm 19.1 mm 42.5 mm 37.2 mm N/S
    LH-8000 50.5 mm 19.0 mm 41.9 mm 32.5 mm N/S
    LH-9000 52.0 mm 20.0 mm 46.0 mm 38.0 mm N/S
    LH-10000 51.2 mm 19.4 mm 42.0 mm 42.0 mm 2.7 mm


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