SRS 002 : SR 002 + SRM 002

SRS 002 : SR 002 + SRM 002

SRS 002 : SR 002 + SRM 002

749,00 €

A Stax as earphone - seriously? These were my first thoughts when I heard from the Stax SR-002. The strange appearance, the additional amp module, the strange proprietary cable and this completely open design and funny shape, let them me to put the idea back from buying one. A big mistake as I was able to notice soon ...

... therefore now my review about this interesting but unusual earphone.

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The Stax SRS-002 set includes:

Stax SRM-002 (portable Stax amp)
Stax SR-002 earphones including a replaceable cable
Three different silicone tips (S, M and L)
A headband
A 3.5mm interconnect
Two AA batteries

Κατασκευαστής Stax
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